SHEAVY • Dalas Tar 7"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mag Wheel Records 1995
There was a time when I'd buy any record that was even remotely Doom... quality was not a issue. I was a sucker for anything slow and Sabbathy, regardless of the band's musical ability or song writing skill. Needless to say, I bought a lot of shitty records (most of the Hellhound Records catalogue) until one day I woke up and decided to stop wasting my money. I'm not sure exactly when this happened, but it's possible that SHEAVY's 1998 album "The Electric Sleep" was the impetus. By that time I'd bought both of their albums, and their first 7", and I could no longer justify buying their stuff... hoping that one day they'd get it right and not release boring-ass, sloppy, unimaginitive shite. So it was with this in mind that I dug out the aforementioned 7"... "Dalas Tar". Much to my surprise, I didn't totally hate it. Yeah the drummer is crap, the songs are simplistic and unoriginal, the SABBATH cover is shameful, and the whole thing sounds terribly amateurish, but it's not without it's merits. For instance: the singer does the best Ozzy imitation I've ever heard... well that's it really... the Ozzy imitiation. An entire SHEAVY record would be unconscionably monotonous, but these 2 songs (I'm choosing to ignore the SABS cover) are just enough that you don't lose interest by the time they're done. This is fucked... even when I'm trying to say a record doesn't completely suck, it still comes across that way. This is an enjoyable listen, and I'm pleasantly surprised by it... but I still don't wanna ever hear those crappy SHEAVY CDs I bought.
DOWNLOAD: Sheavy-DalasTar.rar (20.62 MB)


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