Saturday, June 7, 2008

Elite Special Records 1984
This comp features 5 second rate... wait, make that 1 second rate and 4 third rate German Metal bands from the early 80s. Never heard of any of 'em, and I kinda wish there wasn't yet another band called OVERKILL... and THUNDER too, for that matter. Right, here's a band-by-band break down of 5 bands we could all do without:
THUNDER: Typically Germanic ACCEPT styled Metal with a vocalist who doesn't get it. Lyrics that make you wanna bury your head in embarrassment.
OVERKILL: Best band on the comp by far! "Killers In The Dawn" is a great NWOBHM-ish romp, and "Heavy Metal Forces" is decent too.
BEAST OF PREY: Simplistic and hamfisted - like an unfunny BAD NEWS... 'cept this drummer makes Spider Webb sound like Neil Peart.
VENGEANCE: More poorly executed and amateurish Metal with a NWOBHM bent.
DIVINE VICTIM: It's generally accepted that ANTHRAX are to blame for the Rap/Metal crossover, but that's a dishonour that should be bestowed upon DIVINE VICTIM. Only difference between what ANTHRAX did and DIVINE VICTIM's "Metal Rap" is that you laugh with DIVINE VICTIM... not at 'em. Oh yeah, their real songs are shitty and one's a New Wave/Metal hybrid... yikes!
Most of these half-assed bands eventually released full-lengths, and at least one of 'em is still active, too bad OVERKILL (the only somewhat enjoyable band here) isn't one of 'em.
DOWNLOAD: MIR-StuttgartHeavyMetalSampler.rar (73.13 MB)


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