Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mausoleum Records 1984
A couple of weeks ago I hit up Sonic Boom and came away with 6 or 7 great finds... EXPECT NO MERCY being one of 'em. I honestly wasn't expecting much cuz the artwork didn't give any indication of what I was in store for... and I found the Puma logo on the back cover both perplexing and intriguing. I guess these guys were getting hooked up with free sneakers... Adidas had RUN D.M.C. and Puma had EXPECT NO MERCY - doesn't seem fair does it? All footwear aside, this is an excellent German Metal record that teeters on the edge of Speed Metal at times. It's the kinda stuff that makes it hard for me to contain my smile - just an all around fun record. Nothing at all serious... no evil, no scary, no politics - just a buncha cool riffs, good songs, and catchy vocal lines haphazardly delivered for your enjoyment. "Heavy Traffic" is the only Metal song I've heard to employ the "Lust For Life" drum beat... replete with tambourine (and an odd slap bass intro). I'm generally not a fan of cover songs, especially when that song is "Paint It Black", but I gotta say that EXPECT NO MERCY's version is not only the best song on this record, but the best rendition of the song period. Yeah that includes the STONES' version (never been a fan). I'm tired of bands that take (and took) themselves too seriously, so I'm really diggin' on this record right now.
(For a good time) DOWNLOAD: ExpectNoMercy-Steelbreed.rar (55.74 MB)


Zealot Crusader said...

I know I'm a little late to the game commenting on this, but have you heard the two "Metal Enterprises" releases made by this band after the debut? I did some research, and evidently that label did quick cash-ins on bands produced by that label's owner, often with different members if the original act broke up - As was the case with this band. The two records after this one released under this band's name sound NOTHING like the first one, and have badly written songs performed by session musicians and a drum machine. They're too awful to be believed!!!

Alcolm X said...

Sounds terrible... and awesome. I would definitely check those out.

Zealot Crusader said...

You can get them at STRAPPADO'S blog for free, as they are so bad that any price over $0.05 isn't worth it. I can even send them across something like AIM or upload them to my oft-neglected blog site if you want. Look up the Metal Enterprises label and read their story too, it's a fascinating look into the only "Metalsploitation" label to have ever existed.