Ric's Collectibles • Toronto ON

Monday, June 23, 2008

155 Main Street
(416) 690-6399
If you've read some of my Record Shops posts, you'll know that I think highly Ric's Collectibles - my first time there I was pretty much gobsmacked. The Metal section is large, and full of the kind of records you don't normally see, or have never seen, and won't likely ever see again. I've come across some fantastic finds, but after 3 visits it's become apparent that there's not a lot of turn around. Each time I return, I'm sorting through the same records that I passed up on my previous visits. That's not necessarily a bad thing - if you can't afford everything you want, there's a pretty good chance it'll still be there when you return. This brings up the issue of price: the guy behind the counter insists on pricing records by consulting that Martin Popoff price guide, which leads to some interesting, and kinda random sticker prices. To add to the pricing woes, each time I've been there they've offered seemingly arbitrary discounts: first time it was 30% off, second time was 50% off, and most recently it was 25% off if spending more than $50... WTF! I never know what I can afford 'til I belly up to the cash register. Since the Metal selection is so good, I can only assume that the same goes for the rest of the store... but seriously, who has the time to sort through that many records? Despite some minor gripes, Ric's gets my vote for being the best used record shop in Toronto.


Matthew said...

Best record store yet the staff is inconsistent and the records overpriced?
And what about that "odd-uncle-still-living-in-mom's-basement" kind of vibe?
It's pretty off-setting.
How can Ric's be one of the best yet Hits & Misses, which is by far the more pleasant experience on ALL fronts, doesn't get its dues?
You've been seduced by Seduce, Alcolm.
Open your eyes!

alcolmx said...

Seriously? Ric's = best used record store. Hits & Misses rules on all other fronts. Unfortunately that "odd-uncle-still-living-in-mom's-basement" vibe comes with the territory... used record shops tend to be kinda depressing that way. But that's the price you pay when you need that a DEAD SERIOS record.

alcolmx said...

It seems that discovering the CRO-MAGS has made you overly confrontational... don't worry, it had the same effect on me in highscool. Damn - I wish I wrote this in my last comment. Oh well, better late than never.

Anonymous said...

I have found some great records there, but other times they have been very overpriced.
One has to visit but make an afternoon out of it and visit some other stores too

moltencore said...

I used to shop at Ric's ALL the time a few years back. Then the owner (Ric)started getting paranoid. Paranoid that because I was buying so much, it must be under priced. He then jacked up the prices. I stopped going. Great way to run a business.

corinne osko said...

cool stuff lots of lp's and cd's tapes i found the cramps stay sick and keep going back because joe is cool and cute how bout dinner and a movie nxt time call me you rock the best!!! keep on!!!