Hits & Misses • Toronto ON

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

860 Bloor Street West
(416) 535-7817
http://www.hitsandmisses.ca (not much there yet)
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On Saturday I was searching the internet for record shops in Toronto, and read about this new (to me) store on Bloor Street called Hits & Misses. I came across it on a couple of Toronto Hardcore forums, and within 15 minutes was in the car and on my way to check it out. To say that Hits & Misses is a good store is a huge understatement... it fucking rules! Hands down the best place in the city for Punk, Hardcore, Crust, Metal, etc. As soon as you walk up to the place, you know they mean business... Punk business! The windows are plastered with old Punk Rock records and patches, and once inside the door there's hundreds of back patches... crazy shit too: RIISTEYT, OI POLLOI, KURO, MAU MAUS... you get the idea. Then there's tonnes of Punk, Hardcore and Crust 7"s, then a shitload more 12"s, and Metal vinyl, Garage... fucking everything. I haven't been that excited in a record store in years... and I spent way too much $. The owner is friendly and more than willing to put on a record if you wanna hear it, and talk about Punk Rock or buying vinyl, or whatever. Easily the best store in Toronto if you're looking for any of the aforementioned genres, and the prices are reasonable. Collectible records are fairly priced (ie well below the inflated eBay prices), and very impressive! There's CDs too, but of course I didn't even glance at them... I was there for 2 hours and didn't look through a fraction of what's in the store. I can't wait to go back, but my wallet's dreading it.


Simon said...

Hey, are you behind Bang To Rights shirts? If so, you should consign some there-- we'd definitely buy a few!

Alcolm X said...

Yeah that's me. I've been meaning to bring some by, but sheer laziness always seems to get in the way. I've discussed it with Pete, just gotta get off my ass.

Zach said...

yeah great store! best around! i did my own post on this store a while ago. lots of stuff. i would like to see a little more original 7"s but still great. too bad i have to take a bus to get there (or i'd be there all the time).

have you been to Rotate This. i really like that one too. lots of punk, not sure on metal, but probably. i bought my Even Worse 7" there!