FALLEN ANGELS • Fallen Angels LP

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fallout Records 1984
Maybe my expectations were a bit too high for this record, but can you blame me? Knox from THE VIBRATORS backed up by HANOI ROCKS' rhythm section... sounds perfect right? But perfect it ain't. When I ripped this I thought it was awful, but subsequent listens show that it's not terrible, just lacklustre. It reminds me of those late JOHNNY THUNDERS records, you know the ones, where he's just going through the motions in a stupor and the results are completely uninspired and kinda depressing. THUNDERS fans eat that shit up regardless of quality, and I'm sure HANOI ROCKS and VIBRATORS fans will do the same with Fallen Angels. As an added bonus, I'm pretty sure that Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy make guest appearances billed as The Cosmic Ted and The Flashing Psychedelic Kid. And here's something I never thought I'd state: the sax solos are the highlight of the record (courtesy of Monroe).
DOWNLOAD: FallenAngels-FallenAngels.rar (72.94 MB)


Anonymous said...

Saxophone? *shudders* Holy John Zorn Batman!!!! Could be worse. They could always be Apocalyptica, and consist entirely of chamber instruments... AND have guest appearances from lame radio rock vocalists to boot!!! *clutches chest like Fred Sandford* Seriously, this isn't so bad, if you had a few cases of beer, a lot of people, and a pool table. Any other period-authentic recreational substances are discretionary, of course.

brainstormrecords said...

Hey, i actually got this one when it was pretty new. Shoulda been a hit but mostly a miss. Not terrible but not quite memorable.

lost jonny said...

I'm stoked to hear this, I understand about the saxaphone but doesn't anyone remember hearing those saxaphones on say 'Kill City' for example. Deadly!!

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot!