STEELER • Strike Back LP

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Steamhammer Records 1986
Not to be confused with Yngwie's early outfit, this STEELER hailed from Germany and were first called SINNER (evidently they had a tough time finding an original name). I think guitarist Axel Rudi Pell is considered some kinda guitar wank hero... maybe not on par with Yngwie, but of course according to Yngwie no one is. Strike Back is standard fare for mid-80s German Metal: the quality is high, the band tight, it's aggressive yet commercial, and there's the mandatory nods to ACCEPT. Dunno what else to say really... this is a totally solid record - exactly what you expect from der Vaterland. If you dug CRACK JAW and SPELLBOUND you'll prolly dig this one too.
DOWNLOAD: Steeler-StrikeBack.rar (70.15 MB)


Keith Partridge said...

Thanks, SINNERalso was good heavy metal