THE BONELESS ONES • Skate For The Devil LP

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boner Records 1986
VERBAL ABUSE's "Ratt Pakk" got me to thinkin' about another song of the era and genre that I love equally as much: "I'm A Skater", which you can hear on this righteous slab by Bay Area skaterock mofo's THE BONELESS ONES. Much like V.A., THE BONELESS ONES dealt in a Metal/Punk crossover, but while the former pontificated on everything from killer rats to chicks who piss themselves, THE BONELESS ONES' lyrics deal almost exclusively with skating; from skating in the name of Satan, to longing for skate Betty's, to losing friends to spills, and just generally getting rad. I don't personally give a shit about skating, but you gotta admire their dedication! All the dudes in THE BONELESS ONES are adept musicians, but Luke Skeels' guitar playing is the most outstanding - the metallic riffs, and his searing leads steal the show. The bass and guitar trade off on "I'm a Skater" is simple, but extremely effective, and stokes me out every time! Get it.
DOWNLOAD: BonelessOnes-SkateForTheDevil.rar (58.08 MB)


Keith Partridge said...

Good album, I rarely play it though.

What is the word on old fans getting Nosferatu????

If you feel like "it's not right" to put on your own blog, just send links to me,... or yappy or strad over at LOCKJAW.

You seeing SACRIFICE next month? I haven't decided. I WAS going. when AT WAR was added temporarily to the lineup, not sure now, since AT WAR is back off, and a bunch of unfamiliar bands (besides Spewgore)are opening.

Kängnäve said...

This post brought back fond memories! This was one of the first records I remember mailordering when I was 13, as it got distributed here in France by the excellent Bunker Records store/mailorder... still have the LP – great riffing indeed!

Anonymous said...

Check out Hell's Kitchen - If you can't take the heat as well. A few member from this band went on to do that and it is pretty decent.

RagnarR said...

Hey thanks a lot for posting this. I only had the title track on an old & long gone mix tape my punker sister made for me. Funny thing is sometime last year I was talking to my friend Lili on the phone about these guys. Sure enough she says, "their guitarist is over my house right now". Still haven't met the dude-if I do, I'll be sure to ask him if he still skates for the devil.