CYCLONE • Brutal Destruction LP

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Roadrunner Records 1986
I distinctly remember this record being released, there was a bit of hype and favourable reviews, and I always wanted to hear it... but was it worth a 23 year wait? Highly doubtful. These mustachioed mutherfuckers certainly weren't breaking any new ground, sounding very much like yer standard second generation American Thrash band. In fact, they're deadringers for Cleveland's DESTRUCTOR... 'cept a bit sloppier maybe. The vocals are uncannily similar to Dave Overkill's, and I was waiting for every next song to be "Iron Curtain" or "Pounding Evil"... but no. Brutal Destruction might not be the most appropriate title, but CYCLONE do deliver 8 decent, if generic, tracks of American come Belgian Thrash. I seemed to enjoy this record more by the time the second side was underway, so maybe it's a bit of a creeper. Forget retro-Thrash and get some of the real deal... or an old Belgian facsimile of the real deal... or something like that.
DOWNLOAD: Cyclone-BrutalDestruction.rar (59.18 MB)


e said...

Greetings and hails-

I'm going to slightly disagree with you here and state that Cyclone's "Brutal Destruction" was one of the best Thrash albums ever to hit the record stores in the 80s and it still stands the test of time today.

Their follow-up album "Inferior to None" unfortunately, less so, but considering it was nearly an entirely new band at that point in time and it had been something like 6 years since their 1st album, it was sort of understandable.

Nonetheless, "Brutal Destruction" is one killer Thrash album. Only recently made it (officially) onto CD and those commanded three-digit price tags on eBay (take that for what you will)


Dave G said...

Cyclone and Destructor 2 records I stupidly sold off in the mid 90's. God I regret selling all my lesser known metal Lp's back in the day.

I remember liking this one too, I'll have to give it another listen to see how it has aged.