VICTORY • Culture Killed The Native LP

Friday, August 28, 2009

Rampage Records 1989
Another of Herman Frank's post-ACCEPT bands here... and as usual this pales in comparison to his work with Udo & Co. For the sake of comparison I went back and relistened to HAZZARD (Frank's first band after his stint in ACCEPT) and though it's still a disappointment, it's better than Culture Killed The Native. Where Hazzard is a decidely German record, filled with great riffs in the tradition of ACCEPT (surprise, surprise), this is a very American sounding record. The production is slick, the choruses are hugely overblown (and they all sound exactly the same), and it often reminds me of CRÜE's Dr. Feelgood. Vocalist Fernando Garcia is a dead ringer for SOUND BARRIER's Bernie K. - same voice, same phrasing, similar melodies... but somehow this guy is annoying. A coupla songs storm outta the gates with aggressive riffs and that big sound, but they limp across the finish line, burdened by heaps of reverb and choruses that are too massive for their own good. It's not as if this is a "bad quality" record, as all the players are able and the sound is decent, but unfortunately the songs are gratingly commercial. First HAZZARD and now this... that's two strikes for Frank, and I'm not about to give him a chance for a third.
DOWNLOAD: Victory-CultureKilledTheNative.rar (72.82 MB)


Picard said...

Well, have you checked "Time" by the Element?
This band included French musicians Raphaël Garrido (former singer of Warning) and guitarist Patrick Rondat, known for his solo career and his participation in Consortium Project.
Of course, it also involved Frank on guitars. Since I've never been able to find this LP, I'm not sure it's a good album. But who knows?

sda said...

Victory's "Don't get mad get even" was a fair album though, a bit commercial but when was that a crime?

Niccolò said...

Thanks a lot for this! Might not be as good as the stuff they did with the mighty CHARLIE HUHN (Ted Nugent, Jerry Shirley' s Humble Pie), but it' s a reasonably enjoyable 80' s hard rock album.
2 Questions:

1)Does anybody know where FERENANDO "EL TORO LOCO" GARCIA comes from? Some say he' s Swiss, some others say he' s Spanish...

2)Does anybody know what happened to JOHN LOCKTON (also ex- Wild Horses with Brian "Robbo" Robertson) after he left Victory?

Cheers! :-)