Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mercenary Records 1987
L'Amour Rocks features 8 bands who in '87 were all in their infantile demo stages - some would later become fairly well known, while most others were destined for obscurity. This is a surprisingly solid comp, and save for THE BOYS' track there ain't a stinker in the whole bunch. Here's a breakdown:
WRATHCHILD: Not the UK glamsters, but WRATHCHILD AMERICA, before they were forced to tack on the AMERICA. Great double-time Power Metal that reminds me of EXCITER - what ATTILA wished they sounded like.
MATRIARCH: More Power Metal that seemed ripe for Metal Blade's picking... but I don't think these guys did much after this.
JETT BLAKK: Along with WRATHCHILD, JETT BLAKK are the standouts... pretty surprising too, considering their band photo. Straight ahead Thrash with a bit of a Crossover feel - check the full on S.O.D. mosh part in the middle. The guitar player ended up in over-the-top glam act PRETTY BOY FLOYD.
LETHAL AGGRESSION: Now for some real Crossover. Apparently these guys are still at it... that's dedication!
ATTACKER: These guys had already been on, and been dropped by (presumably), Metal Blade by the time L'Amour Rocks was released. Impressive! Great track though.
HALLOWEEN: Snapped this record up cuz of HALLOWEEN, but unfortunately this track pales in comparison to the stuff on their phenomenal Don't Metal With Evil debut of 3 years earlier. Still cool though.
MEANSTREAK: I always thought MEANSTREAK were more of a Thrash band, but "Lost Stranger" is straightforward Metal with a kinda generic Rock feel... not spectacular, but a totally decent offering.
THE BOYS: The most commercially viable band on L'Amour Rocks, and also the most boring and predictable.
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Anonymous said...

Hi there!!

Thanks for your wonderful posts!

But it seems that this archive is corrupted or something. I have tried to download ir a couple of times but the track of 'Lethal Agression' keeps on giving the same error while unpacking :(

Can you re-up it?

Thanks for your time and efforts!!!
Keep up the good work!

Alcolm X said...

I just re-upped it. Let me know if there's still a problem. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your re-up works!!!

Thanks man!!

Anonymous said...

Ok,uploading Railway,and I am NOT GIVING UP ON THE NOSFERATU

U WOULD be surprised by a few oldschool collectors I put your demo and live tape on a site I belonged to before, a year ago, who were nuts about it,blew them away.

I want it all, it took me 20 years to get the tapes off my friend who drove me to Sharon,Ontario.

ok, too lazy to upload?,
how about copying and mailing to me?I'll reimburse the cash for it?

Art Flesh Gordon said...

lead guitarist songwriter.
After Lamour Rocks we continued on til the 90's a few different singers.
We did an EP etc..played West Coast.
Had a writeup in Billboard.
Currently i write music for film
most recently Tom Savini's Death Island-he did Friday the 13th/Dawn of the Dead
Also look for me in the NIKKI SIXX book An education in rebellion
here's my myspace page.

p.s. the metal scene sucks today
all the bands on the Lamour Rocks are non existent except ATTACKER
i know them.
Also Jett Blakk guitarist is
Kristy Majors from Pretty Boy Floyd now defunct.
The girl guitarist in Meanstreak is married to Dream Theatre guitarist.
I know both.