D.C. LACROIX • Crack Of Doom LP

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Black Dragon Records 1986
D.C. LACROIX were the best band on Ever Rat's dismal Metal Meltdown 2 comp, but on their Crack Of Doom debut the band seems unsure of whether commercial party anthems or straight ahead Metal is their forte. They tend to flip-flop between, and/or meld the two, with mixed results - not surprisingly they're at their best when sticking to the metallic vein of "Black Leather Monster" or the ANVIL-esque title track. Vocalist Sylvie Lacroix sounds a helluva lot like Doro Pesch, but as a band D.C. LACROIX is little more than a glorified bar band. They come across as an Everytown, USA cover band that decided to try their hand at Metal, even though it's not what they would naturally play and is totally foreign to them. I might be way off base, but that's what it sounds like. I am, however, gonna give this one a few more listens cuz I have a feeling it might be a bit of a creeper.
DOWNLOAD: DCLacroix-CrackOfDoom.rar (65.75 MB)


Metal Mark said...

I used to have this cassette back in the day. I remember the vocals being absolutely awful and the music being average.

Alcolm X said...

Every time a track from Crack Of Doom comes up randomly on my iPod I really dig it. It's surprising, cuz I slagged this record, but maybe it's good in small doses (i.e. one song at a time).