Niagara Records • St. Catharines ON

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

377 St. Paul Street
(905) 228-0036

So it would appear that there's now 2 vinyl shops in St. Catharines... could things be looking up for the armpit of Ontario? Don't get too excited - Niagara Records is a bit of a dump, but there is a crapload of records in the decently sized shop. Generally the quality is below average, but I'm sure there's some gems tucked in amongst all the typical $1 bin records. The Metal section (yes they actually have one) is a bit underwhelming with it's abundance of ZEBRA, HELLFIELD, and ALCATRAZZ records, though I did find DC3's "The Good Hex" as well as a Y&T single, and a couple of standard Glam Metal slabs. First time I checked out Niagara Records they had JAG PANZER "Ample Destruction" under glass, as if they were preserving some hallowed artifact... and they wanted $30 for it in spite of the obvious wear... pass. These days a HEATHEN single or the crappy post-COCKNEY REJECTS "Quiet Storm" LP are the best you're gonna find. This is the kinda place I go to pick up records that I don't really care too much about (RATT, JETBOY, etc.) or when I just gotta buy something.


Anonymous said...

wish I was driving,I'd grab those Alcatrazz and Zebra albums.
Zebra reminded me of Triumph.

Ronn Roxx said...

WOW... $2000 for a ticket to a Neil Diamond tribute show! I'll take two tix please!

Zach said...

this store is slowly getting better. first time i went it was crap. but now it's getting better. they even have a punk section now (only about 2 real punk so far but they're starting). i have bought a couple records.