Downtown St. Catharines Record Show

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Market Square
King/James Streets
Didn't expect much from the St. Catharines show, but I ended up walking away with some decent stuff. Nothing gobsmaking, but still good considering the locale. Actually, the location of this show is awesome. It's not in a dingy basement, but instead an open air market with tons of natural light and fresh air... nice change. Anyways, enough bullshit... here's the stash:

• HELLION "Postcards From The Asylum" EP
: Hard to believe, but I've never actually heard a HELLION record... seen 'em hundreds of times, but always passed. Musta been in a good mood today.
• APOCRYPHA "The Forgotten Scroll" LP: It's on Shrapnel, but you never know... it might be good.
• LEATHERWOLF "Street Ready" LP: Guaranteed to be good!
• LEATHERWOLF "Leatherwolf" LP: How many fucking records do these guys have called "Leatherwolf"!?! At least 3 by my count.
EASTERN FRONT: Live At Ruthie's Inn Comp LP: Killer record! My old friend Metcalf had this one back-in-the-day. Half live and half demo recordings by luminaries such as: HEATHEN, LEGACY, RAW POWER, BLIND ILLUSION, D.R.I. and lots more.
• HOLY MOSES "Finished With The Dogs" LP: So lame that I'm only buying this now - better late than never.
• VICIOUS RUMORS "Digital Dictator" LP: Damn! Didn't notice that this one was on Shrapnel too... oh well.
D.C. LACROIX "Crack Of Doom LP: Their's was one of the few good tracks on the Metal Meltown comp I posted way back. Looking forward to this one.
LEATHER ANGEL "We Came To Kill" EP: I bought a lot of chick Metal today... this, D.C. LACROIX, HELLION, HOLY MOSES, and I almost grabbed the second BLACK LACE record before I ran out of dosh.
TORCH "Torch" EP: I have a few TORCH records, but couldn't tell ya one thing about 'em... I think they're Scandinavian... OK so I lied.

Not bad eh? And to think I almost passed on this show, assuming that like most things St. Catharinesian it would be dismal and depressing. I never get used to being wrong.


Matthew said...

Next time one of these is happening please let me know.
I'll leave the smoggy confines of my town and head your way to buy records in the sun with you.

Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

That Holy Moses LP is the shit

Anonymous said...

I would have guessed that a places like the Cat is one of the last metal hold outs. An asylum if you will.

Alcolm X said...

You might be right. I'm currently seeking asylum there, so there may be others.

lortgrodan said...

That Eastern Front piece is probably THE best comp Ever!