TORCH • Torch EP

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tandan Records 1982
Good goddamn! This kicks so much ass I'm not gonna be able to sit for a week! TORCH deliver aggressive NWOBHM inspired Metal that reminds me of TYGERS OF PAN TANG a lot, and I detect a bit of PRETTY MAIDS in the mix too. 3 of the 5 tracks clock in at around 3 minutes and are short sharp shocks that don't mince notes or words. TORCH don't fuck around. Their purpose is clear: kick the shit outta the listener with high-octane Metal, and leave 'em wanting more. Metal the way it's meant to be played I tells you.
DOWNLOAD: Torch-TorchEP.rar (32.41 MB)
PS: This guy has some sick live TORCH videos from '85.


Anonymous said...

Hi Great blog you have!

Yes Torch kick ass big time! Certainly their follow up debut LP (I had that album at one time). If you come across that one, grab it!!

Lord Bones said...


You have a great blog!!

Yes Torch kicks ass big time, certainly also their follow up LP!!
If you see that floating around, grab it without thinking!