Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Private/Indie 1989
I have absolutely no recollection of how this demo came into my possession, or if I'd ever even listened to it, and after hearing it today that makes perfect sense... cuz Murder Of The Unborns is so utterly unremarkable that it's rendered completely forgettable. If an unfunny rehash of the DAYGLO ABORTIONS sounds appealing to you, then MACHIAVELLIAN REGRESSION'll be right up your alley. It's weird, cuz this seems like the kinda stuff that should be, or least attempt to be, funny: there's the Cretin-ish vocals, and silly Punk cum Rock tunes, but the humour that made the DAYGLOs so outstanding is conspicuously absent. It's possible that this shit is hilarious, and the jokes are way over my head, but I kinda doubt it. For me, this lacks that certain je ne sais quoi, but if you're up for some second rate Québécois Skate Thrash/Crossover then by all means download!
DOWNLOAD: MachiavellianRegression-MOTU.rar (33.07 MB)