SACRILEGE • Early Demos LP

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bootleg 2009
Lately I've amassed quite the collection of bootlegs, so in my next few posts I'm gonna attempt to weed through a few of 'em. First off is the mighty SACRILEGE. Early Demos contains, as the name implies, SACRILEGE's first 2 demos from November '84 and February '85 respectively. Cool to hear the band progress over a scant 4 months from crusty Punks to crusty Metal loving Punks. If you like SACRILEGE then you know what's in store: oppressively heavy Metal/Punk combining equal parts DISCHARGE and TROUBLE, and fronted by possibly the best female vocalist ever. SACRILEGE get my vote for having one of the heaviest and most distinct guitar sounds off all time - absolutely crushing! Right... so if, like me, you've resorted to buying AFTER THE BOMBS records to fill the void, and to get your SACRILEGE fix, you'll be plenty chuffed to hear this one. The real deal!
DOWNLOAD: Sacrilege-EarlyDemos.rar (46.07 MB)
PS: Forgot to mention how amazing the song "Out Of Sight Out Of Mind" on Early Demos is. It's reminiscent of "The Price Of Silence"-era DISCHARGE, and is very different from the version found on Behind The Realms Of Madness.


lushafti said...

thank you, thank you, thank you.

lushafti said...

mr. x sir this shit is great, moreso than many other english bands who tried to heavy up d-beat and just wound up with 4th rate motorhead. thanks again!

Dave Tesch said...

If you love a proper worship of Sacrilege, be sure to check out Death Evocation. Look em up on Youtube. They do it ALL right, and modernize it JUST enough to make it face-crushing.