Thursday, June 11, 2009

Osmose Productions/Kron-H 1997
In the late 90s Thrash Metal made it's first resurgence, it's first attempt to reanimate it's Death Metal ravaged carcass. Not surprisingly these gasps of renewed life sprang forth from Scandinavia mainly, and were fostered in large part by France's Osmose Productions. There was BEWITCHED (Sweden), INFERNÖ (Norway), GEHENNAH (Sweden), and the oft mentioned, but veiled in obscurity and seeming secrecy, THE ROCKING DILDOS from France (and Finland). I kinda assumed that this band never really existed, but lo and behold I stumbled upon the On Speed LP at Hits & Misses last week. Despite being lumped in with the aforementioned bands, THE ROCKING DILDOS, unlike their labelmates, were less of a Retro-Thrash (as it was called back then) rehash, instead churning out the ever popular D-Beat, mixed with some healthy doses of straight up Rock action, and a hint of Black Metal. Add lyrics that are both an homage to, and an attempt to outdo, the mighty El Duce, and you've got a pretty lethal combo. Nothing to be taken too seriously, just GTs all around.
DOWNLOAD: TheRockingDildos-OnSpeed.rar (64.41 MB)


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