KAZJUROL • Concealed Hallucinations 7"

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Burning Heart Records 1991
I cringe at the first hint of a slapped bass string, and become nauseated when in earshot of someone popping on the bass... maybe it was OK for Bootsy Collins or whoever, but that's about it. I was shocked and dismayed to find that the slap bass pandemic that swept North America in the early 90's also affected our Scandinavian friends. Even the ones who recorded at Sunlight Studios for christsake! With the exception of the brief bass misstep at the beginning of "Dance Tarantella" Concealed Hallucinations is a pretty awesome record. Sounding very similar to Beneath The Remains era SEPULTURA, KAJZUROL ably straddle the fence between Thrash and Death Metal, and are tight as all hell. Not as crushing as ENTOMBED or GRAVE, but more technical with a touch of hardcore... but that might just be because of the CRUDE S.S. cover. Good shit!
DOWNLOAD: Kazjurol-ConcealedHallucinations.rar (18.39 MB)


Pär said...

back in the late 80s-earliy 90s the place to be i Sweden for the best gigs were Rockborgen in Fagersta, a small town in the middle of nowhere. I went there many many times seeing bands like Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Forbidden, Atheist and so on and on pretty much all the gigs these guys were the supportband and nobody liked them haha. But they sold alot of demos thjanks to Babs that was their manager and nowdays runs the succesful Burning heart records