DISMEMBER • Complete Demos LP

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bootleg 2008 (I'm guessing)
I'm a bit tipsy right now, so it could just be the booze, but this record is fucking killing me! Three of DISMEMBER's early demos are compiled on this gorgeous coloured vinyl bootleg. 1988's Dismembered demo starts off with the magnificent "Deathevokation" (as heard on the Hymns Of The Dead cassette) and carries on in much the same vein - dingy recording, kinda sloppy playing, and heavily affected and effected vocals. Fucking awesome! DISMEMBER's second demo from '89 is better and even heavier. Finally the Reborn In Blasphemy demo (1991) is heavier still, and kills everything. It's got the full-on Sunlight treatment, and it crushes! Really really great stuff! My only complaint about this record is that they've included an '89 rehearsal in the track listing that's not on the record - a sneaky way to make ya think you're getting more tracks than you really are. A small gripe considering how great what you do get is. Decision: not the booze - this record really is as good as I think it is... hammered or not.
DOWNLOAD: Dismember-CompleteDemos.rar (74.42 MB)


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Thanks a lot, great material!