Buffalo Record & CD Show

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Leonard Post VFW
2450 Walden Avenue
I've been wanting to check out a record show in Buffalo for a few years now, and today I finally got my chance. Thankfully it happened before the new passport law is in place, and crossing the border becomes a bigger pain-in-the-ass. Anyways, there wasn't a lot of Metal, but what I found was really good quality, and pretty rare at times. There's a store in Rochester (well Webster really) called Heavy Metal Records, and they had a booth set up. Great to see some one exclusively selling Metal... I didn't buy anything from 'em cuz they mainly had CDs, t-shirts, and bootleg DVDs, but still it was nice to see. OK, so here's today's finds:

• MANDATOR "Initial Velocity" LP: Fuck yeah!!!! And for only $30 (actually even less, cuz I bought so much from this guy that he gave me a pretty good deal). Coulda gone home happy after finding this one.
• TARAMIS "Queen Of Thieves" LP: Metal Blade record I'd never seen or even heard of.
• DED ENGINE "Hold A Grudge" LP: Still haven't listened to the DE record I got at the Toronto show... hope they don't suck.
• STEELER "Steeler" LP: Yngwie and Ron Keel... has the potential to be both great and a steaming pile.
• WILD DOGS "Reign Of Terror" LP: Didn't love their first record, but someone suggested that this one was gooder.
LONDON "Don't Cry Wolf" LP: I was really stoked to find this one! Yeah they're ridiculous, but it's a damn good record.
OZ "III Warning" LP: Another great find! I don't think it's as monumental as "Fire In The Brain", but I'm sure it still rules.
DRIVE "Characters In Time" LP: Never heard of 'em... might not even be a Metal band for I know.
• HALLOWS EVE "Death And Insanity" LP: I've never been a big fan of HALLOWS EVE, but I decided to give this one a shot anyways.
• LIEGE LORD "Burn To My Touch" LP: Mo Metal mo problems.
• ARTCH "Another Return To Church Hill" LP: I remember these guys sucking balls, but it was only $3.
TKO "In Your Face" LP: Awesome album cover and band photos. For some reason the whole package is really appealing to me, and at $2 how could I go wrong!?

There were some other cool records that I wanted to grab, but I had to save a few dollars for Mighty Taco... and I'm still regretting that decision... gotta run!


Anonymous said...

ive is awesome Total US Metal frenzy and I love it. Kamikaze Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW it would be great if you could post Ded Engine and and Taramis. My rips are not that great Awesome records. Chers

Anonymous said...

Oz!! Damn I forgot about how awesome guitarist Gregg Parker was.