HEATHEN HOOF • The Occult Sessions EP

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nuclear War Now! Productions 2005
One look at this record and I knew it was gonna be good... the cover art and band name were both so great that the record had to be good... and I was right. HEATHEN HOOF pay homage to all their NWOBHM heroes by shamelessly and blatantly copping their styles, and that's no criticism - they do it so well that you'll swear you're listening to some unknown band from back in the day. Each of the 4 songs on "The Occult Sessions" is melodic and memorable, with riffs that'll be stuck in yer head for days, and the solos are killer too, especially on "Modern Inquisition". The only thing that's weak are the vocals, they sound like a Black Metal dude who's kinda trying to sing and is having a tough time at it. After a few listens the vocals stopped grating on me, and I actually kinda dig 'em now, and seriously, think about all the NWOBHM bands that had terrible singers, so maybe they were trying to add authenticity with the crappy vocals... I wouldn't put it past 'em, cuz their attention to detail is quite impressive. This is fun record, so download and get trampled under the HEATHEN HOOF.
DOWNLOAD: HeathenHoof-TheOccultSessions.rar (28.53 MB)


Anonymous said...

Exelente! hace tiempo esperaba este album de Heathen Hoof.

Exelente heavy Metal!!!


Anonymous said...

Non exelente! Happy they split up!

sota said...

Genial Ep de estos finlandeses.!Muchas gracias por compartir el material.