SAVATAGE • Hall Of The Mountain King LP

Friday, October 17, 2008

Atlantic Records 1987
Over the years I've downloaded this record 4 or 5 times, and each time it was pretty much unlistenable - every rip was a muddy pile of shit. So I'm merely posting this as a public service... finally a quality rip of "Hall Of The Mountain King", and it's a vinyl rip to boot. I'm not one of those assholes who goes on about how much better vinyl is than CDs (though it is my preferred format), but in this case it's true. If you've already downloaded this elsewhere, do yourself a favour and get this superior version. Having said all that, I shouldn't have to explain how amazing SAVATAGE are, and how great this record is... we all know that right!?! After the disappointment of "Fight For The Rock", SAVATAGE came back firing on all cylinders with HOTMK - it's a classic, so download and join the legions of the night!
DOWNLOAD: Savatage-HallOfTheMountainKing.rar (74.09 MB)


VimFuego said...

"Listen to me children of the night
Beyond the doors of darkness you will find
A thousand worlds for you to see here
Take my hand and follow me, oh..." --> killer riff

more bite on the oliva gtr tone. nice. now i'm gonna be headed right back to a 2 mth Sava-thon.

langekale said...

thanks man, this is a great blog!

Anonymous said...

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