LEE AARON • Metal Queen LP

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Attic Records 1984
In 1984, as a pubescent Canadian kid, there wasn’t much better than seeing LEE AARON strut around in her lion cloth, wielding a massive sword, and sparring with a giant robotic spider. No that's not some teenage fantasy I concocted... it’s the “Metal Queen” video, and unfortunately it's the high-point of LEE AARON’s “Metal Queen” era, cuz this record is a thoroughly light-weight affair. Most of the tracks are commercial Hard Rock, and though there’s plenty of cool riffs and harmony guitar parts, they are definitely not Metal. The only exceptions are the fantastic title track (kinda reminds me of “Balls To Wall” with that eerie middle part), “Deceiver”, and “Steal Away Your Love”. “Shake It Up” and “We Will Be Rockin’” are painfully bad, and utterly Canadian, and like many of the tracks on “Metal Queen”, could easily be mistaken for TORONTO or HEADPINS songs… and they ain’t so Metal my friends! Gotta say that Aaron’s voice is pretty great though, ballsy and gritty, and totally devoid of the overly theatric tendencies of other Metal frontwomen of the time (ex: Betsy Bitch). Though not total shite, I was really hoping this record would live up to it’s title.
DOWNLOAD: LeeAaron-MetalQueen.rar (75.8 MB)


St. Diamond said...

The bad tracks on this album are total cringe. It's a shame!

St. Diamond said...

The bad tracks are total cringe. It's a shame!