Looney Tunes • Burlington ON

Saturday, September 27, 2008

425 Brant Street
(905) 637-3203
Nothing more than sheer mind-numbing boredom drove me to Burlington to check out Looney Tunes' vinyl selection. Upon arrival I realized that I'd been there a few years ago and found PHIL LYNOTT's first solo record on CD - I was stoked and Jimmy was mystified. The shop looks to be about the same, maybe a bit messier than it was (aren't we all), but still jammed full of new and used vinyl and CDs. As you know, I find stores without a Metal section very disconcerting, and unfortunately Looney Tunes added to my disconcertment. I was forced, like every other schlep on the hunt for good Metal, to sort through prit'near every LP in the stinking place... and with very little pay off. Yeah I found SAVATAGE's "Fight For The Rock" for $5, but it's their worst album, and I really only bought it so that the entire trip wasn't for naught. There's some good classic Rock and Punk vinyl reissues, but I find it hard to pay $25+ for something you can find used, with a bit of legwork, at a fraction of the price. All in all a decent shop, but definitely not worth the drive to Burlington (from wherever you might happen to be).


lost jonny said...

got to apologize again..... Looney Tunes did have a metal section circa late 90's..... trying to remember what I got there?? Failing.. what I do remember though is that the owner(present?) at the time has some strange connection to Hawkwind and had one of the most extensive collection of Hawkwind stuff I've ever seen(98.9% of Hawkwind is utter Shiite) I remember one of the albums I found here..... Soviet Invasion EP I haven't read through all the blogs yet but when you approve this and Cactus records still exists in Oakville.... get in the car and go, digging required but owner is shit birds crazy, talking with him makes up for no metal section.