KERRY DOLL • 'Til Death Do Us Part EP

Friday, October 10, 2008

Krypt Kicker Records 1984
It seems ridiculous now, but when I found this record, I actually thought it was gonna be good. I figured it would be one of two things a) sleazy Glam trash or b) full on Metal... or better yet, a combination of both. Unfortunately it's none of the above. What it is, is hackneyed amateurish Rock that desperately wants to be Metal, but falls way short. The songs are sophomoric and obvious, the playing is barely adequate, and vocalist Kerry sounds totally uninspired. The chick doing background vocals is much much better than the band's namesake. The sound quality is demo-ish at best... this is really subpar stuff. It's not even so bad that it's good, it's just plain bad. I couldn't wait for this record to be over... thank god it's only got one side. Oh yeah, that's the only good thing about this record: it's a one-sided picture disc, and the picture is pretty funny/cool. Download if you must.
DOWNLOAD: KerryDoll-TilDeathDoUsPart.rar (35.74 MB)


Kenny said...

Hey,this album IS pretty bad...but god damn!!! I like it now!! can't explain why but a couple of songs are stuck in my head....I think I need serious help!

2rocks said...

It's fantastic, thanks !
The sound is bad, but I have the ep when I was young and I like the songs !
Thanks for the first Glorious bankrobbers !
and I'm looking :
hardware : "common time heroes"
Pet Hate : The bridge wore red
Bad Publicity
Hellsbells : st ( with the member of Discharge)
Remington ; Ep ( Glam us)
Thanks ++++

Alcolm X said...

2rocks: sorry, I don't have any of those records you're looking for

kenny: you do need some help... or maybe i need to listen to this record again - one or the other

2rocks said...

Thanks !

Rick Thor said...

Blimey, the mask the chick is wearing looks exactly like the monster on the cover of Helloween's 'Walls of Jericho'! Check it out!

Metaljunkie said...

I absolutly agree with your judgement - this is lame, amatheurish and uninspired - still I kept the copy in my collection, mainly because of the nice picture disc package. I wished the music could cope with this ;-)

Anonymous said...

I just found out this page and first of all thank you very much for the link with the Ep, I was (yep, desperately) looking for Baby Boy and finally I can have it in my mp3 player.
I can agree that the recording quality is demo-ish like you said and maybe I'm biased in my judgement because I really love Kery Doll and Doll and (obviously) Pretty Boy Floyd too, but this EP is a little jewel for any 80s glamrock fan.
Doll's story didn't help them to have better recordings in subsequent years, but when they met Aeriel Stiles (Pretty Boy Floyd founder with Steve Summers)their songs became really remarkable and some of them were later published in the PBF first record (wild angels and leather boyz).
I suggest to you to check their first full album, released by demondollrecords in 2011 (it's an HQ re-recording of their best songs and some new tracks) Aeriel Stiles and Kery Doll at their best.
it's worth a listening (I love it)