WRATHCHILD • Do Ya Want My Love 12"

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bullet Records 1983
I think pretty much everybody remembers that "Stakk Attakk" record that WRATHCHILD put out... if the music was forgettable, the cover was not - it's prolly the only reason they sold any records. I think I've heard that album once maybe, and I remember it being a low rent Metal affair - this single on the other hand, is heavily rooted in 70's Glam Rock. "Do Ya Want My Love" blatantly borrows from BROWNSVILLE STATION's "Smokin' In The Boys Room", and there's a definite nod to KISS' "Do You Love Me" in there too. The B-side "Twist Of The Knife" opens with a knock-off of the handclaps and "Hey! Hey! Hey!" from T REX's "Solid Gold Easy Action". I'm no Glam expert, but I'm willing to bet there's bits stolen from GARY GLITTER and SLADE too. The coolest thing about this record is that in 1983, while the NWOBHM was in full swing, WRATHCHILD bucked the trend by pumping out pure and simple Glam Rock. So even if this isn't a fantastic record, it's respectable none the less.
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