HUNTER • Sign Of The Hunter LP

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bacillus Records 1985
Why are Germans so goddamn good at the Metal? They seem to have the innate ability to write catchy riffs, and craft memorable songs that never stray into overly commercial territory. There must be something in their drinking water, cuz even a second rate band like HUNTER kicks serious ass. HUNTER have gathered a collection of distinctly Teutonic riffs, and served 'em up in a simple, straight forward package of twin guitars, heavily accented vocals, and ultra-solid drumming that is light on originality but heavy on... well, heaviness I suppose. The first coupla tracks are real barnstormers (don't mind me... I just returned from the 1930's) and they set up the mid-tempo "Crusaders Of Hell" perfectly. Ballady album closer "Words Can Hurt" is the only time that the pace is slowed down for any extended period.To make a comparison, HUNTER remind me of a less speed metal, and slightly subdued WARRANT (the German guys of course). I also really really dig the eerie album cover... not really sure exactly what's going on, but it looks spooky and sinister enough. "Sign Of The Hunter" isn't anything groundbreaking, but it is an awesome straight up Metal record.
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