IRON HEART • Running Away EP

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Listen Records 1988
I dunno when the NWOBHM was finally laid to rest, but I have a feeling that releases like IRON HEART's "Running Away" helped hammer the final nail in it's coffin. This is 3 tracks of overly commercial, melodic Metal that is just not up my alley. The keyboard/piano intro sets things off on the wrong foot, and the band is barely able to recover by the time the record is over. Album closer "Last Chance" is the only somewhat enjoyable track here, as it's the heaviest of the three, and isn't mucked up by unnecessary keyboards. I really hate to say this, but at times this record reminds me of latter day THIN LIZZY... "Renegade" era maybe - sorry Phil, but your legacy has spawned a lot of shitty bands, and IRON HEART is undoubtedly one of 'em. I can't say for sure, but I think they may have used a drum machine on these tracks (which is never acceptable... at least not when you're trying to pass it off as a real drummer), and if they didn't, they most definitely used some shitty 80's drum samples that make his playing sound stiff and mechanical. I really thought this was gonna be a good one... I guess I got sucked in by the scary cover art, and band name - too bad they're more heart than iron.
DOWNLOAD: Iron Heart - Running Away.rar (23.54 MB)


Anonymous said...

There was a great old Aussie band called Ironheart in the 1980's, you can see their one and only clip on YouTube. It's a fucking killer track!

Neal said...

love the blog and actually love this record. i've only just heard it on youtube, but i can definitely get down with some of the cheesier metal moments of the 80's.