Thursday, May 22, 2008

XYZ Metal 1984
Alright, so here's another Aussie band who, along with TAIPAN, are considered to be amongst the first Metal bands from Down Under... or at least that's what I've read on the interweb. This EP has 5 tracks that've been culled from 3 different recording sessions over a span of 3 years. On the record the songs are in reverse chronological order, and as a result the production quality worsens as the record goes on... fortunately the songs are consistently good. Opening tracks "Break And Bend" and "Heavin'" have a real party anthem vibe to 'em and both get stuck in my head. Actually, at different times I've had every song on this EP running through my head for days at a time... that says a lot about how catchy their material is. "Got To Deliver" is next and would have benefited greatly from the beefed-up, commercial production of the first two tracks, instead it seems like it's not fully realized. The B side has 2 tracks that are more straight ahead Metal, and the slightly rawer production suits them just fine. BENGAL TIGERS really remind me of another band, but I can't put my finger on it... it's been driving me crazy for a couple of days now. I wanna say early KILLER DWARFS, but that's not quite it. It doesn't matter anyways, cuz they were a fine band in their own right... download and enjoy!
DOWNLOAD: Bengal Tigers - Metal Fetish.rar (34.88 MB)


skids said...

A great Band :-)

Kenny said...

They were EXCELLENT live back in the early 80's...there were more really great Aussie bands back in the era but we were too far down under to be noticed!