COBRA • Back From The Dead LP

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ebony Records 1986
What a shock... another Ebony Records release mired in shitty production. This one may not be as bad as the FAST KUTZ record, but it still sounds like it was recorded by an earless halfwit. If the guitars were more up front and bit more cutting, this record would be a real killer - instead I find it difficult to listen to more than 3 or 4 songs at a time... it actually makes my ears tired. Really a shame, cuz COBRA were a more than capable band serving up some seriously riff heavy NWOBHM, full of memorable vocal lines and ripping guitar solos. If "Curse Of Eden" and "Devil's Daughter" are two of the highlights on "Back From The Dead", then "Life's Door" is without a doubt the album's low point. For whatever reason they opted to forgo the guitars in favour of keyboards, and the results are abysmally bad - maybe in '86 it sounded kinda modern, but today it's just horribly dated. All in all a good record when taken in small doses... and the cover art is really cool too.
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Anonymous said...

This is one of those albums that tends to grow on you. At least it did for me, the first five tracks are real scorchers. Too bad the next three aren't up to par, but Quick off the Mark redeems those three. All in all, I just wish it was recorded better, as it sounds like OBC syndrome (Obsessed By Cruelty syndrome, drums are too damn loud and bury the rest of the instruments).