RUNNING WILD • Metal 'til Death - Live 1983 LP

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bootleg 2009
This record had the potential to be the biggest pile of shit ever committed to wax (next to SODOM's Pretenders To The Throne that is). I mean c'mon, a bootleg of a RUNNING WILD show from '83 - that could be bad. Thankfully this is a pretty decent offering. Rock 'n' Rolf and Co. storm through 9 pounding Metal anthems including "Chains And Leather", "Walpurgis Night", and "Genghis Khan" from their early records, and a bunch that never made it to official release. It's an audience recording, and it doesn't sound good by any stretch, but what it lacks in fidelity is made up for in exuberance and sheer spunk. The band sound like they've got their shit together - tight and pretty damn professional, and the crowd clearly loves it, chanting along throughout most of the show. I definitely don't consider myself a RUNNING WILD diehard, but I still enjoyed this immensely and will be digging out my copies of Branded And Exiled and Gates To Purgatory tout de suite!
DOWNLOAD: RunningWild-MetalTilDeath.rar (69.65 MB)


McKagan said...

hello admin!

Thank you for germany MASS album

have you early albums of MASS?

MASS (Germany) - Angel Power - 1980
MASS (Germany) - Rock'n'Roll Power at 25th Hour - 1978

Alcolm X said...

Sorry, don't have either of those.