WITCH • The Hex Is On EP

Monday, July 20, 2009

Axe Killer Records 1984
This record is hilarious. Take a look at that cover shot! Who knew that J Mascis could look so good in a pair of fishnets, knee-high boots, and 12 pounds of make-up!?! What? This isn't the DINO JR. mainman's new band! Fuck... duped again! I thought that Punky Peru or Peter Wabbit mighta been J's nom de plume. Oh well... instead of yet another Stoner Rock rehash, these SoCal misfits serve up a steaming pile of Metal Blade-ish tracks that could easily be mistaken for KRANK or some other forgettable Glam cum Metal outfit on the label's mid-80s roster. Much heavier than the band's image might suggest, The Hex Is On is balls out (literally) Metal with just enough sense of melody to tinge the proceedings with a touch of LA sleaze - kinda like a dingier Too Fast For Love. Surprisingly good, even if that ain't J wanking away on the solos (yeah yeah I know he plays drums in WITCH).
DOWNLOAD: Witch-TheHexIsOn.rar (34.01 MB)


Metal Mark said...

I like this one a lot. The Damnation disc that came out last year has even more of their material on it. I interviewed the bass player last year and he had piles of crazy stories from them playing live in the 80's.