Sunday, July 19, 2009

Grudge Records 1986
Right off the bat yer gonna be struck by how bad this sounds (drum machine, direct guitars, piss-poor production, etc.), and so it might take some patience to fully appreciate this hallmark of delete bins everywhere... patience that I'm not even sure I have. LOTCA is just such a bizarro record that I'm at a bit of a loss. High pitched vocals sail over galloping riffs that together weave the most clichéd tales of dragons, dungeons, and sorcerers you're ever likely to hear. A record this misguided is such a rarity that you gotta love it because (and in spite) of it's innumerable woes and shortcomings. The songs are kinda cool, and given the chance this record might grow on you, but the production is a seriously hard pill to swallow. Too bad this wasn't recorded by a proper band, in a proper studio... coulda been legitimately cool instead of being an odd and mildly humourous curiosity.
DOWNLOAD: LordsOfTheCrimsonAlliance.rar (66.69 MB)


Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

Well said. I have this on vinyl and think the same thing every time I listen to it.

Anonymous said...


Not sure,but doubt I have this downloaded ever before.

I used to look atthis record, especially when first released, and thought "Wow! awesome artwork! --why are all these albums on the rack warped? Why is the shrinkwrap so tight and warping the albums??"

I had warped albums and knew I was NOT spending $7 or $8 on something that sounded screwed up!

So thanks, will guess many others were curious, and rumour was this was another studio project by the guys in Exorcist/Virgin Steele, once again, trying to cash in on thrash metal, making a fly-by-night album/band on Mazor or Kraze records??

Anonymous said...

and was there an insert/lyrics photo sleeve inside the jacket?

Anonymous said...

for large scans front and back

Anonymous said...

Great album!!!!!!!!
Reminds me a bit of King Diamond

Metal Demo Maniac said...

I dig the record as well.

Anonymous said...

This music is THE SHIT! I bought the Cassette back in the day and sadly it warped in my car ... leaving me without one of the better bits of music from the 80's. I fucking LOVE this band and wish I could find out more about them! Is it just me, or is 3 Inches of Blood a rip-off of them? This fucking rules.