RAW POWER • You Are The Victim LP

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rockin' Bones/Complete Control 2003
I flipped my wig when I saw this at Hits & Misses the other day... my fuck! You Are The Victim! I've wanted this record for years - I'm talkin' 25 maybe. Sure it's not the original Meccano release from 1983, but it is a damn fine reissue that was clearly put together with love and not just a cash-in in mind. Not only is RAW POWER's debut You Are The Victim here in it's entirety (14 tracks) but there's 17 bonus tracks culled from various compilations and singles. There's the entire Wop Hour 7" (see my post here), 2 tracks from the Raptus - Negazione e Superamento comp LP, 2 tracks from the 4 Per A/A Per Tutti comp 7", plus 8 tracks from a 1983 demo that appeared on the fantastic Burning The Factory CD put out by Grand Theft Audio. Finally "Fuck Authority" from the MRR comp is tacked on the end (it's actually on here twice, but only a goddamn fool would complain about that!). Fantastic record.
DOWNLOAD: RawPower-YouAreTheVictim.rar (85.18 MB)
PS: For the sake of continuity I've kept the 14 You Are The Victim tracks together and left all the bonus tracks to the end.


Robert said...

oh wow, thanks so much for posting this!!

Anonymous said...

"invalid or deleted file"... gasp! thanks anyway, dude