MASS • Swiss Connection LP

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Strand Records 1981
Swiss Connection, MASS's fifth album, is full of decent Metal infused Rock that straddles the line somewhere between AC/DC and NWOBHM stalwarts SAXON. This certainly isn't gonna melt yer face, but a few of the songs ("Shoot Out", "Time Runs Out", "Dead End Rider Back Street Fighter") are well crafted, catchy proto-Metal romps that satisfy in spite of their derivativity (hey new word!). The highlight of Swiss Connection is guitarist Dave Schreiber's ripping lead style - he tears it up in wailing Nugent-esque frenzies of bluesy balls-out mayhem. Unfortunately, like most bands who blatantly cop AC/DC's style, MASS wind up sounding mediocre and boring. It's weird cuz that's the antithesis of all things AC/DC - I don't get it! All-in-all not a bad record, but not outstanding by any means.
DOWNLOAD: Mass-SwissConnection.rar (76.29 MB)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so Much
got this beauty on vinyl, but am too lazy to rip it!!!
You rock!!!!!

McKagan said...

hello admin!

have you early albums of MASS?

MASS (Germany) - Angel Power - 1980
MASS (Germany) - Rock'n'Roll Power at 25th Hour - 1978

Nils Tibor said...

Thank you very much for this excellent rip.
I have looked for this album for a long time.