LEATHERWOLF • Leatherwolf EP

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tropical Records 1984
It might be tough for you youngsters to imagine, but there was a time when every other band didn't have wolf in their name. No WOLF PARADE, no WOLFMOTHER, no AIDS WOLF, no WOLF EYES... just LEATHERWOLF (and HOWLIN' WOLF I guess). That's all we had, and we liked it. And really, after you hear this record you'll understand why LEATHERWOLF was enough... here's a hint: it's because they fucking rule! This EP's become an instant classic. Infinitely better than 98% of their peers, these guys were like MAIDEN x10 - and yet they remained virtually unknown. I've said it way too many times to be credible (I'm kinda like the boy who cried wolf ha!), but these guys really shoulda been huge. They had it all: interesting and engaging songs, top flight musicianship, and an over-abundance of energy. I'm not gonna suggest that you download this... I demand it!
DOWNLOAD: Leatherwolf-LeatherwolfEP.rar (40.34 MB)


Twin Uzis in Hyrule said...

I love this album!!! It gets better and better as is progresses. 'THE HOOK' is just sheer genius. I just got their 3rd album on vinyl for 3 bux. Hail!

Alcolm X said...

This is the only LEATHERWOLF record I've heard... but you can bet I'm searching for the rest of 'em now!

Anonymous said...

My respect to you and your page

A friend
Jorge Saenz