ALIEN • Cosmic Fantasy EP

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mongol Horde Records 1983
Heavy Metal ain't rocket science, and with Cosmic Fantasy, New York's ALIEN succinctly drive that point home. The band's moniker and intergalactic themed lyrics are diametrically at odds with their street-rockin' knuckle-draggin' brand of KISS-ish everyman's Metal. Nothing about ALIEN's sound is futuristic or otherworldly, but that don't mean it ain't fun. Sure it won't make the earth stand still, but it's got the right stuff if glammy semi-commercial wannabe cosmic Metal is yer thing. And really who doesn't love a bit of GSCWCM.
DOWNLOAD: Alien-CosmicFantasy.rar (41.23 MB)
PS: The band thought that the title track was so good that they included it twice.
PPS: Apparently ALIEN don't adhere to the Prime Directive, as evidenced by this cryptic backwards message that appears at the end of the record: We are ALIEN. The intergalactic Gods of Heavy Metal. We are here to embed our music in your minds. You've been warned!


Dave G said...

I had this record back in the day. Man your blog looks like my old metal vinyl collection before I sold most of it in the 90's. Whats left of it has been hitting my blog. I'm going to link you up to my blog so I can keep an eye on your blog, I really like what you are doing here...Dave G.

Alexis4 said...

this is a re-release of their first record,whitch on its original release had only 500 copies.
this is limited too to 1000 copies,i have it myself,great really.
post more hardcore and punk!cheers from Greece!

Wiemer said...

Singer is Frank C Starr of "The Four Horsemen". Died in a motorcycle crash about 10 yeras ago..

Roxann Harlow said...

I just wanted to say that Damien Bardot passed away last night from cancer.

Alcolm X said...

I'm very sorry to hear it. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

Roseann Ficacci said...

Thanks we really appreciate it. He had lung cancer and died alone in Florida. Very sad. Roxann

james michael frank said...

MICHAEL BRUNO beast bardot you are now truely FREE. Thank you for the great music and all of the great memories.