PSYCHO • On The Loose LP

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Polaris Records 1988
Laughably amateurish, yet oddly endearing in spite of it's numerous shortcomings, On The Loose is yer basic generic subpar Metal record. More than anything else, this reminds me of the DEAD SERIOS record I posted a while back... it's unintentionally funny pap. Only the upbeat "Motorized" is worthwhile, if only for this lyrical gem: "Death Angel, Overkill, Motorhead... Metal!", and the album's heaviest moment, "Hammerhead", is decent too. It's a shame that some of Detroit's rich musical history has never rubbed off on Windsor, ON... and as a result we're left with the likes of PSYCHO. Rare: yes. Good: no.
DOWNLOAD: Psycho-OnTheLoose.rar (60.33 MB)


Ed Johns said...

I was recently handed a copy of Psycho, rummaged up from some basement after 10 years of storage. The jacket was covered in some sort of a greenish brown film, but record was in great condition. I listened to it. I was expecting a noise experience likewise to the jackets coverings. To my surprise, I was somewhat mistaken.