M.A.D. • Generation Zero Demo

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Private/Indie 1989
Generation Zero was the shit back-in-the-day... and it still holds up nicely. This, MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION's second demo, is full of dizzyingly complex Thrash Metal riff-a-thons that twist and turn in so many directions that your head'll spin. Vocalist Rob Johnston adds a bit of a crossover vibe to the whole thing with a Punkish delivery and politically charged lyrics... for some reason Animosity era C.O.C. comes to mind. The rhythm section hints at Germany's VENDETTA, while the guitar playing shows a bit of a Bay Area influence... think VIO-LENCE's aggression mixed with TESTAMENT-ish riffing. The playing is fantastic throughout, and all the elements combine to create an orgiastic, no-holds-barred, all-out Thrashfest. Really hard to pick a favourite, but "Technological Noose" is excellent, as is the title track. Downloading is a must!
DOWNLOAD: MAD GenerationZero.rar (77.52 MB)
P.S. Many thanks to Vim for the virgin rip, cover scans, and upload.


CDNREC said...

I would like to get in touch with this band ASAP or any memebers.I am from CDN records
www.cdnrecords.com and would love to put this and there cd out again
My old band DNA use to play with them all the time in south4ern ontaro and buffalo email craig@cdnrecords.com