STRIKE • Strike EP

Monday, January 12, 2009

Tandan Records 1984
Sweden is a country that produces an inordinate number of great bands... as I'm sure we all know. Every subbgenre of Punk and Metal is littered with Swedish bands who put most others to shame - be it Death Metal, Hardcore, whatever, it doesn't really matter. Unfortunately STRIKE aren't one of 'em. This, their self-titled slab, is full of crappy wannabe American commercial Rock. This doesn't even qualify as Metal... it's more like HONEYMOON SUITE (OK they're not American but you get the idea) or a poppier, unbluesy GREAT WHITE... actually I can't even draw comparisons because this is the kinda shit I'd normally avoid. These guys make EUROPE sound absolutely crushing. If you're in the mood for some mindless big-haired party anthem Rock then this is yours to download, otherwise steer clear.
DOWNLOAD: Strike-StrikeEP.rar (37.43 MB)