BASTARDS • Siberian Hardcore LP

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Höhnie Records 2005
I've been on a bit of a Crust bender lately, after picking up that DISFEAR/DOOMRIDERS split 7". I started searching Hardcore Holocaust and discovered a buncha bands I'd never heard of, and started thinking about old bands that I wanted to hear more of... thus Siberian Hardcore by Finland's BASTARDS. BASTARDS were my favourite band on the FINNISH SPUNK/HARD BEAT comp put out by Propaganda Records in 1984 - their track "The Beginning Of The End" was mid-paced Punk with a bit of a Rock'n'Roll feel, which made them stand out amongst the relentless thrash of all the other bands. For 20+ years I've only known 2 of their songs, so it was with some hesitation that I picked up Siberian Hardcore. Hesitation because I find that when it comes to Hardcore, I really only like the same stuff I liked when I was a kid... bands that were around back-in-the-day, that I didn't check out or wasn't aware of, just don't do it for me like they woulda when I was younger... oh the joys of getting old. Anyways, this record may be the exception because it's fucking fantastic. Siberian Hardcore is fulla songs just like the one I loved on the FS/HB comp - lotsa metallish muted picking, they mix up the tempos so it never gets boring, and everything is delivered with aplomb and youthful exuberance. If I had to draw a comparison (and I always do), I'd say BASTARDS lean more towards G.B.H. than DISCHARGE, mixed with that distinct Scandinavian sound (which is totally DISCHARGE influenced anyways). I have a feeling that I'm gonna be searching out more of these Finnish re-issues (this one was originally released in '84)... especially the APPENDIX Money Is Not My Currency record - always loved that cover! Download if yer feelin' a bit crusty.
DOWNLOAD: Bastards-SiberianHardcore.rar (75.89 MB)


nico said...

thank you man, ive been lookin for some bastards stuff, and that 2nd M.A.D. demo.


Alcolm X said...

Cool. Eventually I'll be posting M.A.D.'s first demo Decisions, Decisions.