DEAD SERIOS • Who's Your Buddy? LP

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Long Song Records 1987
This is the first review from the pile of stuff I picked up at Ric's Collectibles the other day, and despite the name, it is very hard to take this record seriously. DEAD SERIOS are basically the Metal equivalent of THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS. Both bands have cornball singers (Dead Lee Serios kinda sounds like Wayne/Jayne County to boot), both are pastiches of their respective genres, and most surprisingly, both are somewhat entertaining. Dead Lee and his ragtag group of goofball guitar-slingers play sub-moronic Metal that by 1987 had already been resting in peace for quite some time. Remember the embarrassingly bad metal bands that played your highschool battle of the bands? Now you can relive those memories with every listen of this record.
DOWNLOAD: Dead Serios - Who's Your Buddy.rar (44.4 MB)


Christopher Long said...

I completely agree with this spot-on assessment. And I can say that because I wrote these songs!

Most bands have that "embarrassing first album," and this was ours. Actually, we did go on to create a it of a unique presentation with our subsequent records. And believe it or not we STILL draw some impressive-size crowds to our semi-annual reunion-type shows.

Thanks for the review. It's nice to still be remembered after twenty-five years.

-Christopher Long
aka D.L. "Dead Lee" Serios
(Founder/frontman for Dead Serios)

Anonymous said...

This album is fucking refreshing! Basement punkrawkmetaw. fantastic!!! not embarrassing at all.

Ryan said...

Back in mid to late 80's (maybe early 90's) a local radio station in my area played a song I believe was called 'Dead Under the Tree' during a fund raising marathon for the Christmas season. I never did get the band name, but I am sure the DJ indicated it was an independent artist
I have done numerous searches in recent years and this afternoon I found a site that shows the song was from Dead Serios. The person that posted this information indicated it was a single from 1986.
Can you confirm this?

Alcolm X said...

This I cannot confirm.

Ryan said...

Not a problem.

Christopher Long said...

Yes, "Dead Under the Tree" IS Dead Serios. It was an 1986 7" Christmas single. The flipside was "Heavy Metal Christmas." I wrote both tunes along with our guitarist, Scott Beckey in my apartment in about 15 minutes -- a million years ago. Thanks, it's nice to be remembered!

-Christopher Long
(aka Dead Lee Serios)
Dead Serios frontman and founder