Sunday, November 9, 2008

London Records 1978
YESTERDAY AND TODAY's sophomore offering was 1978's indomitable "Struck Down". So full of sick pure Rock grooves, phenomenal musicianship, and over-the-top songwriting that it had to go widely ignored by the record buying public. Dave Meniketti (Guitar/Vocals) and Leonard Haze (Drums) are the stars of this slab. Not only did they write 80% of the tracks, but their talents shine the brightest. Meniketti's voice is classic and ballsy and Haze is an absolute motherfucker behind the kit - raw talent, fills for days, and single kick drum flurries that'd make Bonham cry. His playing never ceases to amaze me... one of the all time greats! Album opener "Struck Down" is a fantasticly crushing dirge that instantly made me forget everything I thought I knew about Y&T. "Road" and "I'm Lost" are up-tempo rockers while "Dreams Of Egypt" is moodier and mildly Middle Eastern. The only low point is the naff "Nasty Sadie", and even that song ain't so bad. "Struck Down" is Hard Rock the way it's meant to be played.
DOWNLOAD: Yesterday&Today-StruckDown.rar (59.19 MB)


Aesop said...

These guys were from Hayward, a bullshit town about an hour south of where I live (San Francisco), people here sometimes refer to these guys as Van Hayward. Still, this record cooks, and I really should have it on my iPod so I can air guitar on the bus while old ladies stare at me. Dave Manaketti, bitch! Thanks.

pezdel said...

had never heard of this album (bought earthshaker ,blacktiger etc turned a bit pop after that)so thanx