Sunday, November 2, 2008

Big Chief Records 1988
I dunno who's responsible for the flawed thinking behind this Thrash/Blues abomination, but he oughta be sent for a long walk off a short pier. "Thrashin Blues"... seriously? That is one of the fucking stupidest things I've ever heard, and the music lives up to both the band's moronic monicker and the album's torpid title. Generic Thrash Metal abounds, with embarrassingly unfunny attempts at humourous lyrics, and the odd Blues flourish thrown in for novelty's sake. This record is a perfect example of how saturated the market for Thrash Metal had become in the late 80s... every piece of shit band got their chance to abuse the record buying public, and (presumably) line a record company's coffers. Adding to this record's innumerable woes, are Carl Canady's (sic) sloppy production, and a terribly sibilant pressing - it's particularly ear piercing and really hard to listen to. I remember the autobiographical "Lame From The Neck Up" from back in the day, and of the 10 trivialities found on "Thrashin Blues" it's the easy stand out cuz it's the most straight up Metal and maybe ever so slightly reminiscent of METAL CHURCH. 21st century bluesmen my ass!
DOWNLOAD: ViolentPlayground-ThrashinBlues.rar (71.8 MB)


Aesop said...

these dudes were from the same neck of the woods I grew up in (South Florida) and moved to NYC to "make it" which is precisely why "Violent Playground" is a household name. Nice guys, not a very good band.

Seumas said...

I actually saw them at the Button South back in 1990. They were pretty good live. They went on late and I was pretty knackered to appreciate the show. The guitarist impressed me with his stage presence. He never stood still for a min.

Anonymous said...

I think this band was awesome. I believe "the Son" may be deceased. There is little to no information on V.P. anywhere on the 'net.I bought their media kit off of e-bay, and there's not much more info. I payed 60 bucks for an original compact disc and it's worth every penny. Anyone with any info on Violent Playground including former band members can reach me @

Chip said...

I worked with the band in the late 80's early 90's . We opened for Extreme in Austin , Dallas , Austin , Houston , New Orleans , Memphis , Nashville , Jacksonville Ala. & Atlanta . That was one of the WILDEST Mini Tour that I have done . I never really liked the music but The band members where my friends . Bobby the drummer for VP was a very good friend . Would be nice to have a rematch of wiffle ball with EXTREME in downtown Memphis in the parking lot next to the Peabody . Great Memories ! Posted by chip (