RAZOR • Evil Invaders LP

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Viper Records 1985
This is what Thrash Metal is all about... vicious and hard as fucking nails! Stace "Sheepdog" McLaren is THE quintessential Thrash vocalist - his bad-ass, tough-guy, I'm-about-to-fuck-you-up schtick is still totally believable to this day. Dave Carlo is a goddamn machine and M-Bro is the one of the worst drummers of all time, but fuck it, it all totally works for the 10 undeniable classics on "Evil Invaders". Sheepdog has the best ad-libs ever, and this record is chock full of 'em. UP YOUR ASS! RIGHT HERE! RIGHT NOW! Oh yeah, how could I forget about Mike Campagnolo... he had an awesome moustache.
DOWNLOAD: Razor-EvilInvaders.rar (71.36 MB)


VimFuego said...

ha. "brrrrrrrrrrrrp. dooka dooka dooka dooka" (repeat). _one_ of the worst? i just listened to the Venom in Chicago '85 bootleg (http://vimfuego.blogspot.com/) and i think an unedited Abaddon can give him a run for his money. of course M-bro on 7 Gates of Hell would've been a disaster.

...in Guelph, no one can here your moustache scream.

Alcolm X said...

hahahaha! i dunno what that means but it's fucking funny... and probably true

Matthew said...

Holy shit!
I just chainsawed through a hostel full of foreign youth and this was the soundtrack.
Today, I feel I have achieved something.
Keep this kinda shit coming'!!