HYDRA VEIN • Rather Death Than False Of Faith LP

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Metalother Records 1988
Thrash Metal was never the UK's strong suit. Most bands were either mediocre (XENTRIX, RE-ANIMATOR) or straight up shit (ACID REIGN, D.A.M.), with SABBAT and early ONSLAUGHT being a couple of rare exceptions. I dunno why, but the limey's always seemed to miss the mark (though the current crop of UK Thrash revivalists are doing their part to rectify that situation). I was aware of HYDRA VEIN when they were releasing records, but because of of their woeful countrymen I paid them no mind. Too bad cuz this is a really good straight up Thrash Metal record. HYDRA VEIN certainly weren't breaking any new ground, but they were writing some cool songs, and were more than able players. It's clear that album opener "Rabid" is musically inspired by AGENT STEEL, and the vocals throughout are heavily influenced by SABBAT's Martin Walkyier. Though somewhat generic, and a bit tedious as the record carries on, "Rather Death Than False Of Faith" is delivered with enough venom to warrant your download and a few listens.
DOWNLOAD: HydraVein-RatherDeathThanFalseOfFaith.rar (73.24 MB)


Dan Ranger said...

I played guitar on that LP.
Cheers for comments ;-)

Neil A said...

I love this record and puchased it in the '80s in London's greatest ever metal shop, Shades. It reminds me of a rougher old Slayer. Their second album 'After The Dream' is pretty hard to get too. Although from the UK I agree that British thrash was always pretty poor. We had Toranaga, Deathwish, Holosade etc, too, all kinda basement quality but worth checkin' out for nostalgia.

Alcolm X said...

Oh fuck! I loved Shades! I spent a couple of weeks in London when I was in the 10th grade and went to Shades as often as I could. Got some amazing records on that trip. I remember Kelv Hellrazor laughed at my passport photo and I thought to myself: "Who the fuck is this guy to be laughing at anyone!?!" Christ!

Alcolm X said...

PS: Whenever a track from this record comes up randomly on the ol' iPod I REALLY dig it... especially "The House". I have their second record too and will get around to ripping/posting it sometime soon.