STRYPER • Soldiers Under Command LP

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Enigma Records 1985
I was gonna write a great big buncha bullshit trying to make this record not seem that bad... but I couldn't do it, cuz it is bad. 7 of the 10 songs on "SUC" (hahaha) are virtually unlistenable, ranging from pure AM radio schmaltz ("Together As One" and "First Love") to unbearable Pop Metal ("Together Forever" and "(Waiting For) A Love That's Real"). The fucked up thing is that the other 3 songs ("Surrender", "The Rock That Makes Me Roll" and the title track especially) are really good... great even. Straight up Metal with sick Randy Rhoads inspired riffs, soaring harmony guitar parts and vocals, and some cool drum bits here and there. So even though the suck far outweighs the good on this record, the title track alone is worth the download.
DOWNLOAD: Stryper-SoldiersUnderCommand.rar (82.88 MB)


Anonymous said...

I love this blog! Just stumbled on it tonight (10-28-12). I will try and leave comments on albums I know something about as I was there, during the heyday of metal! Your are correct about the few songs kicking ass on this and the rest "ugh". I went and seen Stryper, in concert (December 1985, Denver, CO), by myself as none of my fellow metal head friends would go with me. The band threw out bibles to the crowd! This is the only Stryper CD/cassette I ever owned as it wasn't enough to convince me to purchase more! - MetalMan