AXE WITCH • The Lord Of Flies LP

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fingerprint Records 1983
I was pretty stoked to find this one at Ric's Collectibles a few weeks ago... "Visions Of The Past" is such an excellent record that I couldn't wait to get this one on the wheels of steel to see how it stacks up. Thankfully AXE WITCH do not disappoint! "The Lord Of Flies" is full of the same fantastic Euro Metal that made "Visions Of The Past" such a stand out. This record is a bit more rockin' than VOTP (and that can only be a good thing!), yet the ACCEPT and TYGERS OF PAN TANG influences still comes through loud and clear. Vocalist Anders Wallentoft is top notch and unmistakeably distinct, and it's his voice that raises AXE WITCH above the run-of-the-mill Metal pack. Totally solid record all the way through, but the last track "Seven Angels" is a haunting stand-out, and a great finish. Get it!
DOWNLOAD: AxeWitch-TheLordOfFLies.rar (72.17 MB)