Buying records and making friends

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'd been jonesing to buy some vinyl for a few weeks, and I finally got the chance on Saturday. It took well over an hour for a mildly crippled Matt and myself to make the trip from downtown to Ric's Collectibles in Scarborough, and the whole time we were driving I was thinking "This better be worth the fucking drive". I was not disappointed. After only sorting through 10 records in the Metal bin I knew it was gonna be an expensive trip. Ric's must have the most impressive selection of used Metal vinyl in the city (I've never checked out Sonic Boom, but there's no way they have these kinda gems). I had a stack of at least 20 albums that I wanted to buy, and had to weed 'em down to a number that I could afford (Ric's is not cheap!). I finally decided on 7 records: DEAD SERIOS, T.N.T., SINFUL (amazing album cover!), ATTILA, THRASHER (Carl Cannedy rules), MAX HAVOC LTD., and TYRAN PACE. I'll post reviews of each of 'em when I get around to actually listening to 'em. Another trip is tentatively planned for this weekend so I can pick up some of the ones I left behind... I hate thinking that someone else might get 'em before me. Matt hit it off with the staff at Ric's, and became fast friends with the talkative guy behind the counter. I see some Spiderman costume parties in their collective futures.